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» Your first 9 messages (which are free) will be limited to 134 characters length and carry a link showing that they were sent from The SMS Kiosk.

» Send to multiple recipients by seperating numbers by a comma e.g. "00000000000,00000000000"

» Multi-part messages (up to 5 messages) are delivered as a single message (not broken apart)

» Recipients within your home country can be specified as local numbers e.g. 08021239876

» For recipients outside your home country , please specify the number in international format without the + sign

You can send SMS to your contacts using either local or international format — New

We bill your broadcast for ONLY valid & network supported numbers — New

Numbers MUST include international codes for networks outside your home country

DO NOT add "+" sign or leading "0" in front of any international numbers

Be careful with the use of special characters such as & % ^ " etc as they tend to increase your SMS count during data analysis

30 MINUTES of inactivity on any page of this website will end your session and all unsaved data wll be lost. Ensure to perform an action within this time frame. This is a security feature put in place to protect members using public computers

Accounts that send fraudulent messages (SPAM/SCAM) will be deactivated and all credits forfeited

Our Services
The SMS Kiosk is your one-stop shop for reliable messaging to mobile devices. Our services include Personal SMS, Corporate messaging, 1-way bulk messaging and Bulk voice messaging for advertising campaigns, 2-way SMS interface (send and receive) which allows your members reply directly to messages, as well as member alerts. Bulk Voice SMS messaging,

All our services allow you to customize the sender ID, keep an online database of your contacts (Contact Manager) for easy access and also set time and date to send pre-typed messages in the future without having to log in (Scheduled Messaging). At your request, our application developers are also available to help integrate SMS communication with your existing systems.

Unlike other online SMS platforms, our high-capacity gateways have very good delivery time because we understand the need for reliable communication. There are no hidden charges and we do not charge for messages with incorrect destinations or wrong number fomats. If you would rather not log on to the website but prefer to send your messages direct from your desktop, click here to download our desktop messenger application.

Welcome to the world of reliable and easy-to-use messaging that brings you closer to your market and gives you the needed customer service attraction.
Getting Started

  3 easy steps!

  1 »   Register here and activate your FREE account

  2 »   Login and test our platform with the FREE SMS credits provided at registration

  3 »   Purchase additional SMS credits by clicking on 'BUY SMS Credits' under "My Account" panel

How to purchase SMS credits:

    - Select your payment option and specify the amount of SMS Credits needed
    - Verify order and make payment after confirming that the fee displayed is correct
    - If payment is successful, your account will be credited immediately and a notification sent to your email address
    - Members paying via bank deposit should text or email their Order ID to the contact details on the checkout page.

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